CaeLinux 2013 and Cadcae


Caelinux 2013 and, CAE software and online training CAELinux 2013, a whole cd engineering, based on Xubuntu 12.04 64 bits that offers plenty of CAE engineering software distribution. CAELinux 2013 not only comes with a lot of FEA, CFD and Multiphysics simulation software, but also supported by CAD-CAM, 3D printing, electronics, mathematics and programming … Read more

Calculate air flows and temperature rise in buildings whith CFD


DesignBuilder CFD Module Engineering Pro version calculated air flows and temperature rise in building . A simulation design detailing the temperature distributions in space. Use equivalent to general. DesignBuilder leverages the detailed geometry of the thermal model and offering options for easy configuration boundary conditions and surface temperatures,heat flow or air flows from the simulation … Read more


Milacron Milacron LLC  , today we talk about a big company about molding. Milacron offers its products and services for various industries, including automotive, industrial components, industrial machinery, building materials, job shops, aerospace, appliances and house wares, oil and primary metals, off-road equipment, consumer goods, medical, electrical, and electronics. The company sells its products through … Read more

Next edition CFD Openfoam training

OpenFOAM training Promotional code  coupon-of1s2015 CFD OpenFoam  training  from Http:// has 100 hours with three months in total managed in several steps. The first two months different exercises tutored work directly with teachers and fellow students in collaboration .Our academy university centers dedicated to computer sismulation of fluids, promotes participatory OpenFOAM CFD Course 2.0 technology in order … Read more

CAE jobs


CAE Jobs Opportunities for a junior/senior research scientist/engineer/postdoc interested in the areas of mathematical modeling and/or numerical simulation of complex flows relevant to high speed flight . CAE jobs Prior experience with modeling and/or numerical simulations relevant to high temperature flows, hypersonic flows, turbulence, kinetic theory or nonequilibrium phenomena  is desirable. Applicants should have a … Read more